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If you have questions not addressed on this page, please contact us.

Q:Is there someone that will grocery shop for me before I arrive?
Click here to fill out our provisioning form. We charge 20% of the grocery bill plus a $40 delivery fee. Your groceries will be shopped for the day you arrive, and will be in your villa by the time you check in.

​Q:How do I sign up for a day boat charter?
A:Contact us and let us know what type of vessel you are interested in (Sailboat, Powerboat, etc.) and we will connect you with our favorite charters!

Q:Where should I rent a car?

A: Our top favorite rental car companies include Mr Piper's Jeeps, L&L rentals, and Aqua Blu. For a complete list of St. John's rental car companies, click here.

Q:What is the best way to get to St. John from St. Thomas?
A:Once you land in the airport, several taxis will be waiting outside. You will need to go to "Red Hook", which is a ferry dock station. Once to Red Hook, buy a passenger ferry ticket to St. John. Cab rides are usually $20, and the ferry ticket is $7 each way.

Q:Is there an open container law on St. John?
A:The USVI does not have any open container laws. It is legal to wander about with open containers of alcohol.  It is never a good idea to operate a motor vehicle while intoxicated, the legal B.A.C. limit is .08, Always have a designated driver.  Enjoy paradise and drive safely and responsibly. Be aware that drinks are typically very strong here. We urge you to know your limit and please drink responsibly. 

Q:Can I take alcohol to the beaches?
A:Alcohol is allowed on the beaches with the exception of glass. Please take plastic or aluminum containers only, and carry out what you carry in. 

Q:What types of things are provided for us?

A:Beach towels and chairs, toilet paper, paper towels, dish washing liquid & detergent, laundry detergent, soap/shampoo. As well as many other amenities, Feel free to contact us with any specific questions. 

Q:Do I need a passport?

A:If you plan on going on a day charter to the BVI (British Virgin Islands) you will need a passport; however, if you plan on only visiting one or more of the three US Virgin Islands, a passport is not required. Upon return to the states, you will go through a customs security checkpoint, but a state-issued ID will suffice.

Q:What is the currency?

A:The US Virgin Islands (St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix) are all US Territories. Because of this, we use US currency. There are ATMs on island for your convenience. Because we are a US Territory, we also have a US postal service that offers standard rates found stateside. Our close neighbors in the BVI use U.S. currency as well. 

Q:Are there any local customs we should be aware of and respect?

A:The local population appreciates a proper greeting before conversing. "Good night" is not a salutation here, and will be frequently used to start a conversation. When asking a local for help with something, please start out with, "How are you?" or, "Good day".

Also, while we live on a casual island, the West Indian culture is a conservative one. Upon leaving the beach, swimwear alone is not considered sufficient/appropriate dress. A man without a shirt or a woman exposing her midriff is not acceptable and can even find you being ticketed by the local police. When in any business establishment or public place, please dress the way you would if you were at home.

Q:Can we drink the water in our villa?
A:In most all of our villas the water goes through a triple purification system and UV process. It is not only considered safe to drink, but is better tasting than bottled water.

Q:Do we need to worry about conserving water while on island?

A:The water we have is the water that we catch in the rain from the roofs of our houses. Please keep this in mind and conserve as much as possible while on island. It is also important to report any leaks, drips and running toilets if found so we can correct the problem right away. 

Q:What about driving on St. John?

A:We drive on the left here in St. John, and you will notice that the steering wheel is also on the left - try to remain focused while driving. The speed limit is usually 10-20mph; notice that some of the large trucks as well as the older local vehicles may not always have enough speed to ascend up the hills. Take caution and give them enough space in case they start sliding backwards.

Q:Are the local police strict about anything in particular?

A:The most common reasons people get pulled over for are texting while driving, and not wearing a seat belt for passengers riding in the front seat.

Q:Do people often hitch-hike?

A:This is a common practice on St. John; instead of using their thumb, they will simply point in the direction they wish to go(in case you end up needing a ride yourself!).

Q:How well do cell phones work?

A:We have the best luck with AT&T, and Sprint. Verizon has limited coverage on the island. No matter which carrier you use, research your plan Many carriers offer temporary travel packages that provide for affordable international roaming.  Most of the island will provide normal domestic coverage and roaming, However there are several places that you will pick up British cell towers,(BVI) international roaming. The service will show up on your phone as "FLOW" It is a BVI phone service. It is also possible to turn off your international roaming capabilities, often called "International CDMA". It is very common for people to pick up British cell towers even while on St. John or St. Thomas.